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Alimony claim

Alimony claim

As family attorneys, we are approached by many clients in order to give alimony claim participation including in alimony matters. We are often asked many questions in the field of alimony law, whether not knowledge or concerns. Therefore, we have found it appropriate to compile the following article, for your benefit and for the convenience of surfers and exiles, in which we will answer a number of common questions regarding child support, alimony and more, as follows:

What are child foods?

The father has a duty to take care of the needs of his children. This duty is self-evident when the couple lives together under the same roof. But at the time of divorce, the father has a duty to bear a regular monthly payment, the purpose of which is for the father’s children, an adequate financial subsistence. This is actually alimony.

Alimony is imposed on the father by virtue of Jewish law. This obligation is an absolute obligation, meaning that the father owes alimony to his children regardless of his income, with regard to alimony.

How long do you pay child support?

As we have described above, the duty of the father to bear child support is an absolute duty too, details and these are child support. Mandatory state foods are foods that include the current for cultivation and basis. Beyond that, there are state foods, which include not basic, but there are those that are required from time to time to raise children (ie – trips, classes and more). A father owes alimony to his children up to the age of 6, when these alimony is mandatory. Above the age of 6 to the age of 15, the father is required to pay alimony from a compulsory state, but in the case of alimony from a charitable state, the father will be charged alimony at a rate derived from the ability of the Knesset. After the age of 15, he owes alimony to his children only charity, for all that that implies.

What are woman foods?

Usually when dealing with foods, pulsating mainly child foods. However, there are also alimony. That is, a woman may also be entitled to her alimony. But women foods are absolute foods like children foods. A woman can lose her entitlement to alimony, provide and act in bad faith, or alternatively, betray her husband and more. also. After the divorce is granted the husband does not owe alimony to a general wife. It should also be noted that the rate of alimony is derived, among other things, from the husband’s income level, the wife’s income level and other variables.

Where can I claim alimony?

In general, matters of personal status in the State of Israel are unique, mainly because there is a gap between law and civil law. Explain – Marriage and divorce matters are discussed in the State of Israel by virtue of the religious-personal law that applies to the couple. That is, a divorce claim is filed in the rabbinical house, which has the exclusive authority to engage in this area. However, the Rabbinical Court also has the authority to deal with alimony matters, since these are derived from the term “marriage and divorce matters.”

Suitable for the Rabbinical Court, there is the Family Court, which reserves the authority to deal with all family matters except divorce claims. So the Family Court has a parallel authority to deal with alimony matters as well, especially with regard to property and custody matters. Therefore, an alimony claim can be filed in both the Rabbinical House and the Family Court.

What are temporary foods?

Already at the time of separation, that is – from the moment the husband leaves the apartment, the wife can be on duty to the family court or the court, in a claim for a temporary alimony ruling. Temporary alimony, as they are called, alimony paid until the final alimony claim is decided.

Are alimony paid in a joint reserve?

To clarify the question, we will first explain what joint custody is – joint custody is custody in which two sons take an equal part in raising the children. Is that both parents evenly count the growth of the children as well as doctors pictures equally. This, a teacher for a situation where one parent serves as a custodial parent and another parent – a non-custodial parent – maintains evidentiary arrangements. Therefore, there are voices calling for the abolition of the obligation to pay alimony, in the event that the parents hold a joint cantonment.

Today, the law states that even owed alimony. But still, the father reserves the right to petition in court for alimony reduction, requests that in a respectable proportion of cases, are granted.

My husband does not pay me alimony – what do I do?

In such a case you can turn to Social Security, which may supplement the alimony payment in part, depending on the woman’s income level.

Is it worthwhile to enlist the help of a lawyer including alimony matters?

The answer is yes. Alimony proceedings can be very complex and important to be represented by an experienced divorce lawyer.

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